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  1. How should we allow new patterns to be created an d played?

    We could save patterns to files or a database. We could send patterns in from a form to the URL get method.

  2. Should we have defined pattern presets. so that simple voice patterns for common drum rhythms etc.,

    Now we have a directory full of great patterns. If you have any other patterns that you think could be shared, send them in human readable text form for inclusion. 👍

  3. High hat sounds and other voices vary the volume of strikes. Do we need to add a volume property on each strike ?

    Well maybe, but we have to be careful not to get too far into midi-type issue on web pages that use javascript. The volume of each strike can vary, but if we add another voice using the same sound and set a volume for that whole voice instance, we can achieve the volume variation we need while keeping more control over the whole ensemble pattern. For example, we would be able to turn off parts of the high hat that are on a separate voice pattern row. We could add a boolean switch on each beat setting half volume but the effect would not be as good as using a completely separate track because when a snare is played softly, it makes a different sound and is not simply a turned down version of a high volume snare rum strike.

  4. Currently our tracks can be either played or not played (1=hit and 0=don't hit), but there is no kill switch or mute sound to prevent long duration of sounds. This would be a useful feature to add to the binary string. It would make he binary string non-binary but hey! more people in London would like it then.

    Good idea. With this sound kill switch we can play tunes such as "Somewhere over the Rainbow" Perhaps a "k" = kill can replace a "1" or a "0" in the pattern.

  5. Where are all the Latin drum patterns?

    Don't ask me. We must get onto that. Maybe ask Jimmy

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