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1 Joy Spring

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Upload your music sheets to Sheets/ConcertKey None found !! By Clifford Brown and Max Roach from the album Clifford Brown & Max Roach 1954. Composed in honour of his wife Larue Anderson, whom he called his "joy spring".

Form (Geography )

A - 8 bars B - 8 bars (Repeat A but semi-tone higher Bridge A (repeat 8)
Solo on A B Bridge A

Clifford Brown - With Transcript

Chord Chart

Open Chord Charts

Solos and melody the same


Freddie Hubbard

Berkley College Boys

Simplified Chords by Colin Hodges


F Gm/C7 F Bbm/Eb7 Am/D7+ Gm/C7 F Abm/Db7
Gb Abm/Db7 Gb Bm/E7 Bbm/Eb+ Abm/Db7 Gb7 Am/D7
Gm Gm/C7 F Fm/Bb7 Eb Abm/Db7 Gb Gm/C7
F Gm/C7 F Bbm/Eb7 Am/D7+ Gm/C7 [1] F Gm/C7
[Last]A7/D7 Gm/C7 Am/D7 Gm/C7 EF--
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