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January 1st 2021 - New Years Day - New Opening

Atomic Bird's You've gotta love the move 1. Nf3 e5 ??! but unfortunately , tricky though it is, you will struggle against anyone but those inexperienced players who fall for 2. Ng5 f5 3. Nf7?!. So, why not try playing the same idea with a move in hand? 1. f4 The Atomic Bird.

The critical test might be 1. f4 Nf6 2. e4 d5!

More ATOMIC Bird's Opening

1.Nf3 e5 ?!

Fun but madly unsound
An important opening Attack on c7
  1. https://lichess.org/kbjBw9061b2k
  2. Note: 4.Nd7!! is much better than 4.Nf7, because the f8 bishop can't avoid an explosion.

  3. https://lichess.org/VwImVyDB
  4. https://lichess.org/JxTgXICC
  5. https://lichess.org/gHr8h1hFfBw7
  6. https://lichess.org/xWJSvn8BrFQA
  7. https://lichess.org/bfNw6BcQ
  8. 1. Nh3 !? A dangerous move
  9. 1.Nf3 2. e3 3.Nd4 Nh6!?

Some Good Defence by Black

Early Nf4 - d4 - f5 by White
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