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Search Software Components

  1. Starts with the search form. loadView('form - search-general');

    Views shouldn't load this form The system loads this into the page via the outer template

  2. NO AJAX in this search - Submits to a new URL /search/site Submits the search to a view controller biscuits/biscuits-21p/controllers/search.php

Examples : CSS Classes

CLASS = "search-content"

returns results which match any of the keywords.

shakespeare circus London Taxi grammar mistake

CLASS = "match-all"

Returns results which match every keyword.
shakespeare circus London Taxi grammar mistake

CLASS = "lookup"

Link to the dictionary link specified in APP config.php

shakespeare diabolical cultural marxism
Use loadView('keyword-link-loader... to pass an array of match all links

CLASS = "search-engine"

Search the web using the configured search engine

shakespeare circus leonwool

Note: It's not possible for our site to know each visitors preferred search engine so we have to configure one and link to the external search engine.

Details on summary click. view "comment-thread-details" for this thread help_search-examples

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