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The Search process

Markup with class = "search-content" to return results that match any of the words.
Markup class="search-match" to return results or single result that matches every keyword.
  1. At the top of most pages, there is a search button like this 🔍
    Click it to open up the search form.
  2. Check the radio button to chose what you are searching. Content, including blogs or data.
  3. Enter some search words. Just keywords separated by spaces.
  4. Click the SEARCH submit button on the search form.
  5. The keywords you entered will now be submitted to /search/site, which will do the actual searching and returning of search results.
    All keyword searches are turned into case insensitive searches The keyword rebuild converts everything to lower case and the search form words are converted to lower case in homeMethods->extendKeywords(keywords) too.

    The words , which were separated by spaces, are now separated by "-", to make them URL friendly before they are passed into the search page /search/site

Search Banks

Pages of content search words can be created for each subject area. See code help for the HTML makings a content search.

Example :

<a class="search-content">Circus</a>

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