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Release Notes for Version 17l - Current Version is biscuits-19h

  1. Page follow for none content area URLs has a bug
    Keyword update error for page : /school. File /school does not exist!!
  2. If you are outside the content area, a link to return to the content area appears like this 📚 at the top.
  3. Blog Posts listing better layout required 👍
  4. 💬 can be added to the bottom chat open sleeper bar 👍
  5. New Calendar merges all the calendar pages you are following and shows any others that you might follow. Must have PHP file _calendar-data.php setting $events()
  6. Problem with the 👍 Follow page button

    It attempts to update the keyword lookups rebuild Keywords at the same time but this causes problems redefining all the constants !!!

    The button to follow a page causes errors. When updating keywords, check : JS likePage() /home/leonwool/public_html/biscuits/biscuits-19h/includes/likes/like-button.php PHP method director-> goes to likesDB->followPage();

    👍 👍 All fixed now in view file comment-thread updates
  7. Last posts. Investigate the last posts link in the comments thread.

    Add a threadModified Column to comment_thread table so that we can try to do a GROUP BY thread select but order by tlastpostid , c.created to get the most recent post per thread without dodgy SQL techniques that might not port well.

    /comment/last-post Seems to pick up blogs but not threads. ALSO: The report is badly laid out

    Added commentMethods->getLastPosts() so that we only get the most recent post from a thread with multiple recent posts

  8. Add a big link to the view file "new-content" recent comments on the /news page Recent Comments
  9. Handle moved pages through the ENGINE method to give a redirect option 👍

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