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  1. Ajax all routed through the main index.php and engine.php Either passing url to define a view controller or passing a classname and method to directly call a method.
  2. Added function Engine skip() & skipIt() to skip part page loads For example skip the banner heading that's in the template your page is using. Call this->skip("abnt"); to skip sections a=adverts, b=banner, n=navigation, t=topbar
    Light Page
  3. change the image.php code to use one of two tokens.
    1. stoken = TOKEN_VALUE
    2. dtoken = TOKEN_VALUE.
    3. token = email token for tracking
    For normal use in web pages, use SESSION stoken and for emails?

    Profile Images

    The profile image is rendered by INC resource "avatar" The SRC is set by memberDB->getProfileImageSrc(PROFILE_ARRAY) This has been changed to use SESSION to hold the actual data. This prevents access attempts to images and media stored outside the PUBLIC HTML area.

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