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We will play it in A minor = ALTO C minor bbb = TENOR B-minor
The Christmas song, "What Child is This" also has this melody. Usually sung in D minor - One flat in the key signature. You can play a minor 7th or use the natural 7th of the haronic minor to improvise. You can also use the D dorian on piano or guitar, if you raise the high B-flat to B natural. That particular key lies in the middle of most voices, and is nice for the chording of a guitar. Alto Sax = B minor ## Tenor Sax E minor # 1
greensleeves-C-minor.png ALT IMG
greensleeves-D-minor.png ALT IMG
greensleeves-E-minor.png ALT IMG
greensleeves-F-minor-fantasy.png ALT IMG
greensleeves-F-minor.png ALT IMG
greensleeves-a-minor-full-topline-only.png ALT IMG
greensleeves-a-minor-guitar-tab.png ALT IMG
greensleeves-a-minor-piano-01.png ALT IMG
greensleeves-a-minor-secondo.png ALT IMG

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