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'A simpler and more intuitive sound' is just another way of saying 'like Lester Young'. But it was Parker who discovered, while working on 'Cherokee,' that if you add the higher intervals to a dominant chord it doesn't complicate things for the improviser, it makes things much easier, because every Em7/A7 or Dbm7/Gb7 or whatever becomes just one circle of thirds - this way the chords only change at half the speed. Plus, ironically, the improvised line sounds more modern. And if you add - as a sort of wildcard or wild note) a flattened 5th/flattened 9th (a Bb in the first example, an A in the second) then you get all the relevant dims, half-dims and -9ths. 'Just try to find the pretty notes', as Lester said. I listened to some guy playing one of these CHAD pieces on Youtube, it really did add edge and volume to his sound. I presume yours has done the same for you. I've done enough experimenting now with mouthpieces; I'm not going to get any more unless somebody resurrects the Metalite for clarinet. At my age, if I'm careful, I've enough good pieces to last me. So what's with this Rocco's? Is it open? Can you play? I don't know about the Louis, except that jazz nights were already problematic for Jane before the lockdown. Fingers crossed.

With Bessie Smith


Jazz After Midnight


  1. Ghost of a Chance
  2. Lester Leaps in Jazz Standards
  3. Taxi War Dance

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