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Blake's 7

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Dudley Simpson’s finest TV theme is of course Blakes 7. In this he captures firstly the menace of the Federation, with the downbeat and uncomfortable start of the opening theme, then the hope with the triumphant major chords as the Liberator appears in the original opening titles and the appearance of the series logo with a huge swoop, followed by the downbeat chords as the logo disappears with perhaps the hint that they won’t win. Dudley described this to DWM in 1993: “David Maloney rang up and said… ‘The title music has to reflect a release into space… like a liberation.’ So I dreamed up this idea which David said was marvellous.”

Although Simpson was unhappy that the titles had been completed while he was writing the theme it nonetheless works very well and it even manages to fit to the title changes for the third and fourth year.

His rearrangement of theme for the closing titles of Season 4 was perhaps less successful, but we should be grateful that Stephen Pacey never sang over them… All together now – “There is a distant star…” Oh Vere Lorrimer, what were you thinking?

de 3W's - BLAKE'S 7

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