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The Page Loading Process on Biscuits

The Page loading process outlined

Biscuits builds up your webpage using a template. Your current template is :


use ?monitor=1 in the URL to create a log. Then view the log You must be logged in as an admin to view the log as it contains technical information which could be a security risk.

Tracking Errors to Check the Installation

Before biscuits can start, the index.php file must be correct. The index.php file can selectively switch on PHP error reporting. ini_set('display_errors', '1'); to make sure that biscuits is correctly included.

Once biscuits has been started from index.php, the page will show a an error screen if biscuits encountered a problem that can not be resolved.

The URL can be set to ?track=1 This will display only a process track. Each time the addMonitor() is called, the secure message will be displayed. This can then be used before users are created to give an idea of what the page is doing. Normal content will not be shown.

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