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  1. Session 1) Blues scale A - (starting from where, 5th fret on 6th or 5th string or somewhere else? Seems the easiest on guitar, practice it a bit, handout and homework to practice it some more.
  2. Session 2) Go back over session 1 Give out the minor pentatonic for A and short talk about the blues scale and blue note b-5th ( flattened fifth. => Giving a blues chromatic run from the fourth scale note to the fifth by playing the note that comes between the 4th and 5th handout and homework to practice
  3. Session 3) Go back over session 1 & 2 Explain major pentatonic and how they relate to minor pentatonic ( suspect that most people do not understand modes so this could be hard work or just ask people to accept a statement of fact) handout and homework to practice Take turns at soloing over the rhythm section = Everyone else playing only chords (this will take a lot of time for 7 or 8 people)
  4. Session 4) revise all to get it fixed in everyone's mind and a bit more practice. handout (for anyone who has missed a session ) and homework to practice with view to a something in session 5 Session 5 some kind of performance/finale (something to aim for) Looking back on it I am not sure that it does not make more sense to cover the pentatonic scales first relate to Major and Minor and then cover Blues. So session 1 becomes session 3?
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