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Afro Blue

Mongo Santamaria first recorded his composition "Afro Blue" in 1959, when playing with Cal Tjader's band, Cal Tjader Sextet - Concert by the Sea, Part 1 (Fantasy). The first recorded performance of the piece, recorded live on April 20, 1959, at the Sunset Auditorium in Carmel, California, with composer Mongo Santamaría on percussion.

The first jazz standard built upon a typical African 3:2 cross-rhythm, or hemiola. The song begins with the bass repeatedly playing 6 cross-beats per measure of 12/8, or 6 cross-beats per 4 main beats—6:4 (two cells of 3:2). The following example shows the original ostinato "Afro Blue" bass line. The slashed noteheads indicate the main beats (not bass notes), where you would normally tap your foot to "keep time."
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Mongo Santamaria - Afro Blue

John Coltrane

SANTANA & JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Afro Blue (M. Santamaria)

Page Mongo Santamaria - Afro Blue

John Coltrane plays this slower and in an all together different style.

The B-flat soprano or tenor sax part has two flats, starting on Gm7 ( A tone higher than the Fm7 of the concert part )

John Coltrane

Dave Valentine - Flute

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