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Intro: one person softly strums D chord, then sings “when you wake up in the”, others start playing and singing on “morning”

G D When you wake up in the morning, hear the ding dong ring. A7 D You go marching to the table, see the same damn thing. G D Knife and fork upon the table, but there’s nothing in the pan A7 D (STOP) If you say something about it, you’re in trouble with the man. G D Let the midnight special; shine her light on me, A7 G D Let the midnight special; shine her ever lovin’ light on me. G D If you ever go to Houston, you better walk right. A7 D You better not stagger, you better not fight. G D Sheriff Benson will arrest you, he’ll carry you down, A7 D (STOP) And if the jury find you guilty, you’re Penitentiary bound. CHORUS G D Yonder comes Miss Rosie, well how do you know? A7 D I can tell her by her apron and the dress she wore. G D Umbrella on her shoulder, piece of paper in her hand, A7 D (STOP) She goes marching to the Captain, says “I want my man”. CHORUS G D Don’t believe that Rosie loves me, well I’ll tell you why, A7 D She ain’t been to see me, since last July. G D She brought me little coffee, she brought me little tea, A7 D (STOP) Brought me damn near everything, but the jailhouse key. CHORUS G D Yonder comes Doc Adams, well how do you know? A7 D Well he gave me a tablet, just the day before. G D Now there never was a doctor, anywhere in this land, A7 D (STOP) Who could cure the kind of sickness of a convicted man. CHORUS Ending: repeat chorus (STOP), slowing down from “shine….”
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