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Classical Solo Flute Play along

Here you will find a number of very good solo flute compositions through the ages. A lot of them have the score on a youtube video to allow you to play along. You may also search for flute music scores IMSLP IMSLP

F.Kuhlau - Capriccio n.1 for flute alone

Pierre-Octave Ferroud - Trois Pièces pour flûte seule (1920-21)

"Toccata & Fugue" in D minor BWV 565 Flute Solo

Well known church organ tune

Louis Moyse

Allegro (from Sonata for Flute & Piano) by J.B. Loeillet

Flute Menuetto in F Haydn

Mendelssohn Songs without words op.62 No 25

Two minuets Jean Jacques Naudot - Omar Alejandro Galavíz Ramírez

Gavotte for Flute and Guitar-Handel

General Reid Sonata No.4 - Largo affetuoso, Nikola Atanasov - Flute, Tatjana Shopova - Harp

Two Arias in Rondeau - Jean-Jacques Naudot

Rosamunde - Franz Schubert

Opus 4 Studios: Adelle Koenig, Flute - Air by François Couperin

Polanaise - Ludwig van Beethoven (Flute)

May Sweet May - Robert Schumann 1810-1856 )

BERLIOZ - Trio des Jeunes Ismaélites (L'Enfance du Christ)

Frédéric CHOPIN: Op. 32, No. 1 (Nocturne)

George Bizet. Entr'acte from "Carmen"

Mozart - Flute Quartet in D Major K.V. 285 (II. Adagio)

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