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To get your biscuits site up and running, you need to set up some files. Biscuits is an MVC framework model. Biscuits sites are built using a combination of PHP, HTML5 CSS and JS. You will need to build at least one PHP controller. This PHP controller will decide how to load content. The URLs will have the format: domain/class/method/optional data parameter 1/optional data parameter 2/.. The first segment of the URL after the domain name is the PHP class. The default class, used when only the domain name is used for the URL is "home" and Biscuits looks for a controller file home.php. The second URL segment is the method or OOP function within the class. The default method is called index so the site's homepage will be loaded by the controller home.php using the function index.php

Component Check List

Your site should have the following files:

  1. The main index.php file in the document root directory. This index.php file will load for every page of the MVC site because MVC uses an htaccess file to direct every URL, which is not a reference to a file to the index.php file. The index.php file will typically set up the main biscuits class and start it as follows:

    $domain = str_replace('www.', '', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
    include "biscuits/controllers/biscuits.php";
    $BI = new BI_controller();

    This index.php file will be provided and so you may not need to make any changes to it, but it's there for you to modify should you wish.

  2. The .htaccess file When you install biscuits, you will have a version of this file named DOThtaccess This should be placed in the root of your public documents directory but renamed to .htaccess When it has the name .htaccess and is in the document root directory, it will direct all URL's to index.php and so load the biscuits controller
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